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WWTW (What Would Tori Wear).

My motto every time I’m trying to dress myself. I have known Tori since 2012 and she has consulted my wardrobe for every single event, audition, performance, or even just a fun night out! I can call her on the phone and she knows exactly what’s in my closet just by noticing things I’ve worn in the past and having sifted through it here and there. She is able to assess the event, what the “vibe” is, and what would be appropriate whether it’s an audition, a self tape, a wedding, a photo shoot, or even just to spice up your look! I recently started headlining a band in my home state of Wisconsin, and I already have her pre-booked to help choose outfits for my upcoming gigs. 

-Kaleigh Prange 

Bring It On : The Musical

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